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At 101 Roofing & Remodeling, our extensive expertise as an exterior contractor covers all aspects needed to improve the facade of your home in Cambridge, MN. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction for every homeowner we collaborate with. From siding projects and roof replacements to deck construction and storm damage repair, our skilled team is adept at meeting a wide range of client requirements.

Recognizing the vital role an exterior contractor holds in improving the appearance of your home, our goal is to streamline the decision-making process for our clients, from selecting colors to finalizing designs. The industry offers a wide array of choices, and our team emerges as the preferred professionals, armed with the essential knowledge and skills to manage any project effectively. We commit to maintaining transparent communication throughout, guaranteeing clients’ peace of mind and trust in our work.

At 101 Roofing & Remodeling, we stand as more than a mere company; we serve as your dependable partner in both maintaining and enhancing your home. Our team is celebrated for their meticulous attention to detail, especially in exterior home improvement tasks, like roof replacement and storm damage repair, among others. With our extensive experience, we deliver premier products and services, showcasing the pinnacle of our offerings in the home improvement industry.

Services Provided by Our Exterior Contractor Cambridge, MN

We stand out as a premier exterior contractor in Cambridge, Minnesota, offering a wide range of services that encompass the installation and repair of decks, roofing, siding, and windows. Also specializing in storm damage repair, our expertise extends to both remodeling and repairing services aimed at elevating the exterior of your home. Our proficient team is dedicated to the meticulous maintenance and enhancement of your home, guaranteeing that every project, regardless of its scale, is executed with unparalleled care and accuracy.

At 101 Roofing & Remodeling, enhancing the exterior of your home to increase its market value and curb appeal is our dedication. Recognizing the necessity of dependable and high-quality services for enduring enhancements, we guarantee that our contractors are licensed and insured. This gives you the assurance that every repair and installation task is conducted by professionals who are both experienced and reliable, ensuring your peace of mind.

In Cambridge, MN, our dedication to quality underpins every service we offer, from new roofing projects and siding updates to window replacements and deck installations, in addition to repairs from storm damage. By consistently choosing only the best materials and employing top-notch techniques, we ensure our commitment to excellence shines through. It’s this unwavering commitment that positions us as the contractor of choice for exterior home improvement services.

Our Residential Contractor Projects in Cambridge, MN

101 Roofing & Remodeling is dedicated to recognizing the unique needs of every home. Our well-versed team is committed to delivering bespoke solutions, whether the task at hand is a modest repair or a significant installation project. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from periodic maintenance to full-scale remodeling, ensuring each is carried out with exceptional care and a keen eye for detail.

Following severe weather events, homes often require extensive repairs. Our expertise lies in addressing storm damage swiftly and efficiently, aiming to protect and rehabilitate your property. With a skilled team ready to tackle damages caused by wind, hail, rain, or debris, we ensure the recovery of your home to its original state or better. Comprehensive inspections allow us to pinpoint every concern, from damaged roofing shingles to impaired siding and windows, committing to meticulous and prompt restoration efforts.

Recognizing the toll that storm damage takes on homeowners, our mission is to mitigate that burden through extensive repair and remodeling efforts. We aim not just to mend the damages but to fortify your home against forthcoming storms, employing state-of-the-art materials and advanced construction methodologies. With 101 Roofing & Remodeling by your side, you gain a reliable partner in transforming storm damage challenges into chances for enhancing the resilience and quality of your home.

Leading the industry, our roofing services encompass a full range of solutions, from detailed roof inspections to the installation and repair of new roofs. Recognizing the roof as a fundamental component that safeguards your family and investment, our team commits to each project with unparalleled excellence. We ensure every task meets the highest standards set by the industry. For reliable service that guarantees satisfaction, whether it’s a swift repair or thorough installation, our expertise is the premier choice.

Armed with vast experience and high-quality materials, we’re prepared to address any challenge related to roofing. Our expertise also covers gutters, ensuring your roofing system effectively shields your home from the elements. Rest assured, with our skilled team managing your project, your property is in capable hands. We strive to not just meet, but surpass your expectations by offering durable and reliable roofing solutions. Opt for our roofing services for the assurance of satisfaction and the peace of mind that follows.

In Cambridge, MN, our role as a local siding contractor is pivotal in safeguarding and enhancing the appearance of your home. We focus on the installation and repair of a wide range of siding materials, from traditional wood and brick to modern vinyl siding. Our team, seasoned in diverse siding projects, tailors each job to the specific requirements and tastes of homeowners, guaranteeing satisfaction.

Our siding solutions aim to not only beautify homes but also significantly boost energy efficiency and durability. It’s for these reasons and more that people entrust us with their siding requirements. We are proud to support homeowners by offering comprehensive information and answering any questions about our services, ensuring they have everything they need to make informed decisions.

In the realm of home improvement, window replacement plays a crucial role in transforming the energy efficiency and look of your property in Cambridge, Minnesota. Our wide range of window options and materials aids you in selecting the perfect match for the architectural style of your home. Whether you prefer the timeless beauty of wood frames or the contemporary strength of vinyl and composite materials, our services guarantee that every window upgrade boosts both the energy efficiency of your house and its value on the market.

Recognizing the distinct needs of every property, our skilled team commits to delivering customized window replacement solutions. Concentrating on essential aspects such as durability, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency, we ensure your home is fitted with windows that transcend mere property features, becoming valuable enhancements to your living environment. With 101 Roofing & Remodeling, you gain more than mere service; you’re awarded a meaningful enhancement in both the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

Adding a deck or porch can transform any home, elevating its market value and visual charm. Leveraging our vast experience, we excel in the design and construction of decks and porches that harmonize with exterior aesthetics of your home. Our licensed and insured team brings a wealth of expertise to guarantee top-tier quality across all our service offerings.

Throughout the installation journey, quality and precision stand at the forefront of our efforts. This dedication to achieving excellence permeates every aspect of our design and construction work. Recognizing a deck or porch as a valuable expansion of your living area, we closely engage with you, ensuring your visions and preferences are fully incorporated and brought to life.

Outstanding Exterior Contractor Cambridge, MN

Our steadfast commitment to outstanding results as an exterior contractor is demonstrated through the positive reviews and feedback from our clients. We hold a profound sense of pride in the excellence of our work and the fulfillment of our customers throughout the Twin Cities region. Such accolades serve as a clear endorsement of the exceptional quality and dependability of our services, which cover a comprehensive range from roofing and siding to windows, decks, porches, and repairs from storm damage.

Our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled services for exterior home improvement. With a team that’s both licensed and insured, we’re recognized for our exceptional quality, skilled craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service. We guarantee that each installation, repair, or maintenance task adheres to our stringent standards of excellence, ensuring top-tier service across the board.

Recognizing the value of a dependable contractor for the exterior needs of your home is crucial. From the installation of new roofing and gutters to replacing siding and windows, constructing decks or porches, or repairing storm damage, we prioritize top-quality service in all our endeavors. Our dedicated team is poised to realize your project, with meticulous attention to detail ensuring outcomes that precisely meet your expectations.

For those looking to update the exterior of their house in Cambridge, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact us for a comprehensive consultation and a free estimate. Our aim is to significantly improve the appearance and functionality of your home. With 101 Roofing & Remodeling, rest assured that the exterior of your home will be managed by a team of professionals who are both skilled and dedicated to their craft.

Q: What measures are taken to maintain the quality of your materials and services?

A: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We source from trusted manufacturers to ensure our materials are of the highest quality. Our skilled team is dedicated to excellence in services across roofing, siding, doors, and gutters, upholding stringent standards for every project.


Q: Is ongoing maintenance available for projects involving exterior remodeling?

A: Absolutely, we provide detailed maintenance services for all aspects of exterior remodeling, essential for preserving the durability and functionality of such installations.


Q: Does 101 Roofing & Remodeling handle custom exterior renovation projects?

A: Yes, we excel in crafting custom solutions for exterior renovations, capable of realizing your unique design aspirations for roofing, siding, and decks with our team’s creativity and precision.


Q: How can I receive an estimate for a project?

A: Reaching out to us for any service, including roofing or siding, guarantees a comprehensive estimate and consultation to explore your project’s specifics and develop a tailored proposal.


Q: What distinguishes your services in the local area?

A: Our unparalleled dedication to craftsmanship and client service sets us apart, a fact echoed in the positive feedback from our clients.


Q: What should be considered before initiating a remodeling project?

A: Key considerations like project scope, material preferences, timeline, and budget are vital. Our team is here to guide you through these to align your project with your vision.


Q: Where can I find feedback on your work?

A: Our website features reviews and testimonials, offering insights from homeowners on their experiences with our services.


Q: Why opt for a licensed and insured contractor?

A: Selecting a contractor that is both licensed and insured guarantees that your improvement projects are executed safely and with professionalism. At 101 Roofing & Remodeling, we provide this assurance, protecting all parties involved throughout the project’s duration.

Cambridge, a charming city located in Isanti County, Minnesota, exudes a small-town feel with a rich historical background. The city is renowned for its warm community, picturesque landscapes, and historical sites that offer a glimpse into its storied past. Cambridge’s downtown area, with its quaint shops and local eateries, serves as a central gathering spot, reflecting the city’s friendly and inviting nature.

The city’s cultural fabric is woven with traditions and community events that bring residents together, fostering a sense of belonging. Cambridge is surrounded by natural beauty, from serene lakes to expansive parks, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. This blend of history, community, and natural beauty makes Cambridge an endearing location to explore and cherish.

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