Replacing your home’s windows may seem like a daunting process, but new windows can make all the difference in the world. Besides boosting your home’s curb appeal, replacing windows offers many other benefits such as reduced energy costs, increased comfort, lower maintenance, noise reduction and better safety. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the perks of new windows.

1. Lower Energy Costs

Replacing your windows with a more insulated option will keep outdoor elements from affecting your indoor temperature variability. Pella’s InsulShield® Low-E Insulating Glass Collection offers efficient and ENERGY STAR choices designed for specific climates. For example our window vendor, Pella, has multi-paned glass windows that blocks 84% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and reduces heating and cooling costs on average $101 – $538 per year. Say goodbye to cold drafts and overheated spaces and consider installing Pella Windows for incredible comfort.

2. Low Maintenance

Replacing your windows with sustainable designs like between-the-glass blinds and shades not only cut down cleaning time but they can also reduce the dust and allergens in your home. We love Pella’s line of windows because they are easy to clean and are extremely durable.

3. Safety

If your windows are hard to open, painted shut, or get stuck in the up or down position, it can pose a serious problem in the instance of an emergency situation, especially in the event of a fire. Windows that are unoperational is a clear sign to get them replaced. Aside from windows that properly operate, Pella offers Insynctive® technology which lets you know at a glance whether your windows and doors are secure while you are away. This smart home technology allows you to monitor locks and control blinds and shades from anywhere at anytime.

4. Noise Reduction

Living by noisy neighbors or a busy street can be a nuisance, but you have the option to reduce outside noise by installing windows with noise-reducing glass. Pella’s Laminated Insulating Glass and HurricaneShield are a few products that are extremely effective at eliminating outside noise.

5. UV Protection

A major reason to install new windows is to increase the natural light in the space. However, excessive ultraviolet rays can cause fading on furniture, floors, and other surfaces in your home. Pella’s Low-E insulating multi-pane windows provide added protection from UV-rays by blocking 94% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

6. Increased Home Value

Updating your windows will not only improve the overall curb appeal and visual interest of your home but on average homeowners can expect a return on investment around 70% of the project costs. When selecting new windows for your home, you will want to keep in mind the overall aesthetic and function you are trying to achieve. At Cinergy Homes & Remodeling, we’ve partnered with Pella Windows and Doors because of their extensive experience and impressive line of quality products. Together with their line of window products, we are confident that we’ll achieve the exact style you’re looking for!

Are you ready to replace your home’s windows but are unsure of where to start? Our team at 101 Roofing & Remodeling is here to help! After discussing your needs in detail and coming out for a site visit, we’ll give you a complimentary window replacement estimate. Schedule your free consultation by giving us a call today!